Where the attention goes, the money flows. That’s a law of life, and nowhere does it play out clearer than on the internet.

1.5 billion people worldwide spend an average of 1 hour a day on YouTube, and the magic of video is the emotional connection. There’s nothing like it. Millions may be watching you, but for each one, it’s a personal experience.

With just one small step you can turn that massive attention into dollars, which Grant Thompson—“The King of Random”—has been doing for years.

Now Grant’s ready to share his journey, reveal his secrets, and set you on the same path to massive success.

When you see an exciting possibility, do you usually count yourself out? “Oh that’s for other people, not someone like me.” Don’t let that happen here!

Are you worried this is more for men than women? Nonsense! Women are usually the best communicators on YouTube, and have some of the best opportunities for sponsorships.

Think you’re too young or too old? Not so! YouTube is the whole world on a screen. Every age, ethnicity, social group and personality type is taking part. You can, too.

Or maybe you think your interest is too unusual or unique? You may not attract millions, like Grant Thompson, but you can dominate your niche and experience fabulous success with what you love most.


There are so many ways to make money on YouTube. We’ll show you all of them. But here’s the cool part: you’re making videos about what excites you most.

It might be silly fun or a serious business... It might be music or art… It might be a cause you’re passionate about…

The point is: money alone is never enough. For a good life, money has to be tied to purpose. That’s what makes the YouTube adventure so exciting. You get to earn a growing income, based entirely on what matters most to you.


Thousands of people post videos on YouTube that virtually no one ever sees. Thousands more attract loads of followers, but have no clue how to turn this traffic into serious money.

Fact is, there’s an art—and a science—to YouTube success.

The adventure lies in connecting what you love with what people want to see, and a big part of SELF MADE will be teaching you exactly that.

You also learn how to make a great YouTube videos. This isn’t about fancy ‘film school’ techniques. Online video is different. At SELF MADE you’ll get the video tips and tricks from the pros and the perspective of someone who’s built a massive worldwide audience.

Of course, it’s not enough that people watch and like your videos. You need to keep them coming back. Turning occasional visitors into eager subscribers is another skill you’ll learn at SELF MADE.

Watch your audience grow and grow… and sometimes explode through the roof!

Finally—you’ll learn how to master the art of turning audience into income. Come to SELF MADE and learn this critical last step.


Good question! There are lots of ways, if you know how. But many people don’t.

For example, you could have thousands of viewers subscribing to great videos, but still not make a cent. There’s a whole set of skills needed to turn your YouTube success into cash.

Here’s the good news: it’s way simpler and more effective than most internet marketing. Have you been banging your head against the wall of clickfunnels and all the latest (or oldest) online money-making fads?

Give yourself a break! Making money with YouTube will be easier by comparison and it can be way more profitable.

But… there are essential skills you must learn. We’ll teach you all of them at SELF MADE. In this action-packed 3-day summit, you’ll learn how to spend the least amount of time for the highest cash rewards


There are MULTIPLE ways to earn money from YouTube, as soon as you start attracting subscribers. Ad revenue is just one. Sponsors are another. But you can make money even if both of those go away. Lots and lots of money.

On YouTube, it’s all about how personal and emotional the video connection is. That builds trust, and trust is the mother of sales.


Every business owner is looking for more leads. If you’re used to traditional marketing—even traditional online marketing—you know it can be like filling a bucket with a hole in the bottom.

Leads come in, disappear, and have to be replaced.

Here’s what makes YouTube so astonishing. Once people start enjoying your videos… they keep coming back! The leads don’t replace each other. They pile up. Watch your audience grow, and grow… and a year from now, you’ll have as many leads as you can handle.

At SELF MADE, we’ll show you exactly when and how to turn those leads into paying customers.