Grant Thompson: The “King of Random”

Grant was an airline pilot when he started posting videos of his crazy science experiments and DIY projects. His channel became wildly popular and is now heading towards 10 million subscribers.

As “the King of Random”, Grant’s mission has been to share the joy of experiment and hands-on learning. When his audience grew, he discovered that YouTube could be a source of income.

Today, he earns $100,000+ just to make a short sponsorship video, plus massive ongoing ad revenue from his popular channel.

When Grant met Kris Krohn, he was inspired to pursue a new goal: helping others—that’s you!—to experience the thrill of YouTube success.

Together, Grant and Kris designed SELF MADE. It’s the first major live event where a YouTube superstar teaches everyday people the online secrets of fame and money.

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Kris Krohn: Creator of Limitless Breakthrough

As a college student, Kris was out of money, time and credit. What he didn’t lack was determination! He stumbled on lease option investing as a low-cost way into real estate.

Within less than 5 years, just 26 years old, Kris had made enough money to retire and support his growing family.

Excited to share what he had learned, Kris launched a “do-it- for-you” real estate investment company. To date, his firm has helped clients from all over the world with nearly $1 billion in real estate deals.

Kris understands that money alone doesn’t bring happiness. After studying with the world’s most advanced teachers in personal development, he created Limitless Breakthrough: the fastest, most effective methodology for achieving lasting change.

Now he’s taken his passion to YouTube, massively expanding his reach to help more people with his knowledge. And with Grant Thompson, Kris will show you how to live a more joyful and fulfilling life as a successful YouTube Creator.

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