It’s a Total System

SELF MADE. We’re sending you home with a complete game plan for success, with every step mapped out. You’ll know exactly how to:

  • Step 1:Uncover Your Purpose
  • Step 2:Launch Your YouTube Channel
  • Step 3:Attract Subscribers
  • Step 4:Turn Leads into Customers
  • Step 5:Get paid

See, we’ve reverse-engineered a real-world process that’s making millions of dollars—right now. And we’re handing that entire process to you.

A Mind for Success

With Kris Krohn on your team, you’ll get more than the know-how for launching your YouTube channel. You’ll learn how to harness your mind to achieve maximum success.

That may sound a bit intangible—actually it’s half the secret of success, and maybe more than half! It’s the reason why the King of Random, a massively successful YouTube maven, chose to partner with Kris to create SELF MADE.

Put it this way: We need to be sure the “SELF” in “SELF MADE” is totally aligned with the highest purpose, and in peak working order!

Kris understands the real power of YouTube. It goes beyond fame and money. It’s about creating a life where you can express your biggest purpose. Because that’s the only true path to happiness.

In Three Days, You’ll Change Your Life

Grant and Kris share a vision beyond teaching you their YouTube skills and know-how—amazing though these are. Their goal is to change your life. They know—from direct, personal experience—that each of us has vastly more potential than we’ve been led to believe. The first step is to “come out of hiding”.

Show the world who you are, and what you have to give! Then reap just financial rewards for impacting the lives of others.

YouTube is the perfect platform and is already right at your fingertips. Yes, with YouTube mastery you can experience financial transformation. But there’s so much more. Follow the path that Kris and Grant lay out, and you can be living an abundant life of total purpose. There’s no greater joy than that.

Lights, Camera, Action!

The vision is big, but the steps are small! First, you’ll master the practical skills of the YouTube Creator. Building audience and making money with YouTube all depends on one thing: your videos! So we’ll show you how to make great videos—at the lowest cost, in the least time. Your teachers at SELF MADE learned the hard way: thousands of hours in trial and error. And thousands of dollars, too! Now you get the benefit of all that effort in 3 fast days.

We’re going to give you all the know-how:

Even if you know some of this stuff, we guarantee you’ll walk away with many exciting—and profitable—new tips.

  • Camcorders and smart phone cameras
  • Setting up your home “studio”
  • Lighting and sound
  • Editing the easy way
  • Adding titles and graphics
  • Adding music
  • Uploading to YouTube
  • And more…

Do-It-Yourself or Done-For-You

You may love learning all about making and editing videos. Or… you may not have either the time or patience. Either way, we’ve got you covered at SELF MADE.

As well as showing you how to do everything yourself, we’ll give you exact instructions on how to find others to make and edit the videos for you. We know because we’ve tried and tested both paths: DIY and DFY. So that’s another reason not to hesitate. You can be a megastar on YouTube and never touch a camera! Let us show you how.