Get your talents and ideas seen and heard, breakout into the industry, and create systems for your business that will generate residual leads indefinitely There’s a way you can work from home creating videos of the things you love, and make a living doing it. Our SelfMADE training event is how you get started.

April 2019

3 Packed Days to Create, Contribute
& Crush it on YouTube

Top Creators

World's Top YouTubers &
Monetizer on State

Learn from the Leaders of YouTube

Leading YouTube experts and top experts are showing you how to Create, Contribute, and Crush it!

Grant Thompson

The King of Random

Top 100 YouTube creator shares secrets to how he did it, and automated his channel to work completely without him

Kris Krohn

YouTube Monetizer

Showing how small channels can use a simple formula to make money long before AdSense and sponsorships make serious money

YouTube is for Two Types of People

YouTube is one of the best kept secrets on the internet and more people than ever are quietly making millions of dollars a year doing it. If you’ve felt a yearning to share your creativity with the world, or you have a business and are ready to tap into the power of YouTube to create a endless flow of residual leads, let us show you how you can make it happen.

YouTube is for 2 types of people;

  1. Creative minds and artists looking to breakout
  2. Business owners looking for residual leads

Thousands of people are quietly making money every hour, sharing what they love with short, home-made videos. Some of the top YouTube Creators are making millions. Now it’s your turn.

Now it’s your turn.

What Am I Going to Learn? …

  • Learn how people are making so much money on YouTube
  • Whether you should start a channel and become a YouTuber too
  • What equipment you need to get started
  • A repeatable system you can use to duplicate our success
  • How to stay motivated when times get rough
  • All things you don’t know, that you need to know

Your talents are unique, and our system is adaptable. Whether you desire to build websites for a living, or are the next top YouTuber the world just hasn’t discovered yet, our 3 day training will give you hands-on experience with everything from creating your first video, to collaborating with big companies, brands and creators.

This 3 day SelfMADE training is a hands-on event where you’ll get training from some of the Top YouTubers in the world, that have been consistently crushing it on the platform for years.


The “King of Random” is the King of YouTube!

Grant Thompson - “The King of Random” has over 9 million YouTube subscribers and nearly 2 billion views. His channel generates millions of dollars every year and he works with some of the top brands in the world.

Kris Krohn is Monetizing YouTube And Changing Lives!

Grant Thompson is joined at SelfMADE by Kris Krohn, who made his first fortune at age 26. Kris recently shot to success on YouTube in a short few months, making a 7-figure income as he shares his passion to change lives.
He’ll show you how to fast-track your YouTube income.

Our Guarantee

YouTube can make you money faster than any other job or business you know

How to navigate the YouTube platform and create your own winning YouTube channel

How to make knockout videos at the lowest cost and in the least time

How to constantly grow your YouTube income—without depending on AdSense or sponsors


3 Days Packed with Learning, Fun & Transformation


Experts Overview of How YouTube Works
  • • The Ultimate Production Check-List
  • • Outsmarting YouTube’s Monetizing System
  • • Hands-On Workshop to Launch your Channel


Branding, Producing & Monetizing Your Channel
  • • Discover Your Master Brand
  • • Custom Monetizing Strategies
  • • Top Secretes of Successful YouTubers


Mindset, Breakouts & Advanced Strategies
  • • Networking Your First Collaborations
  • • The Ultimate Mindset to Succeed Long Term
  • • How Crush It on YouTube 10X Faster

Take Action NOW!

Experience first-hand how Grant created nearly 9 million followers and became one of YouTube’s top earners. Learn how Kris Krohn built 40,000 subscribers in just 6 months—and turned that into a 7-figure income. YOU can follow the same path to YouTube success.

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April 2019

3 Packed Days to Create, Contribute
& Crush it on YouTube

Top Creators

World's Top YouTubers &
Monetizer on State